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Welcome to Wordsmith Agora WordPress Blog.

What does “wordsmith” mean? Are you a wordsmith?

Share a comment on how you are a wordsmith, link to your example, and apply this badge to yourself; add it to your website linked back to this blog.

A group of educators who love words and love teaching kids to become wordsmiths join together to share this blog of collaborative projects and writing lessons. If you would like to become a guest blogger, let us know.

Sheri Edwards

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One thought on “Welcome !

  1. Hi Sheri,
    I’m glad to be a part of the Wordsmith Agora. I was glad you explained to me that an “agora” was “an open ‘place of assembly’ in ancient Greek city-states” (from Wikipedia).

    My students and I were wordsmith’s last November when we each wrote a novel. It was a big job, so one of our greatest learnings came in the appreciation we developed for other novelists’ work.

    Here is a blog post about my 8th grade novelists.

    Thanks again, Sheri. I’ll look forward to joining others in this collaborative wordsmith page!


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