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Connected Learning Notes

Writing. It’s thinking. It’s planning. It’s research. It’s design. It’s everything about being a digital learner, and more for connected learners. If you aren’t sure what that means, visit the National Writing Project’s Digital Is community,  DML’s Connected Learning site, the Connected Learning blog, the Connected Learning Mooc, follow the Twitter hashtag #clmooc.

The many members of this community “made” many projects and wrote about them all over a six week period.  See many of the “makes” in the posts at Connected Learning Mooc and in the Make Bank. However, the goal or the project is the application of these ideas, projects, “makes,” and the thinking/writing/design processes they embody in the classrooms and programs coming up in the next school year.

What does that look like? Here’s a group of teachers collaborating to figure it out, a Google Document shared by Stephanie West-Puckett. Or how about Scott Glass’s Mozilla Thimble make, “remix-of-create-your-own-comic-a-starter-make.” Notice the “Remix” button in the top right? If you click that, remix your own. Here’s mine (Make Comp Plan), a plan to share with students on developing ideas for writing compositions, or to plan for something specific using code, images, and captions.

Who are these people? Mostly strangers with an itch to stick together the fabric of education so it works again, for students and teachers. That is what connected learning is: connected learners of all ages and places connecting their ideas, projects, resources, and reflections to learn, share, and collaborate together to improve education. And we are thinking, planning, revising, designing, reflecting, sharing, collaborating, remixing, and on and on.

Why not join us at the Connected Learning Mooc? We’ll share all the plans we’re making for applying our ideas to the classroom and to our communities.

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