Writing Today #clmooc in the future

Writing. It’s thinking. It’s planning. It’s research. It’s design. It’s everything about being a digital learner, and more for connected learners. If you aren’t sure what that means, visit the National Writing Project’s Digital Is community,  DML’s Connected Learning site, the Connected Learning blog, the Connected Learning Mooc, follow the Twitter hashtag #clmooc. The many members […]

Read to Write

Writing. It happens because writers know stuff. Think of yourself as a writer. You know stuff because you are aware — you observe. People. Kids. Dogs. Cats. Picnics. A flower growing. The herbs that aren’t. A laugh. A cry. And all the reasons why. You immerse in TV, movies, news, and books. Yes. Books. Enjoy […]

Let them Write !

I love to write. I love to see the words appear on the page, paving an image or dusting off a memory for the reader. But I had no idea how much fun it would be to create a whole new world. I’m literally creating something from nothing, a world that did not exist now […]