Guest Blogger Guidelines for the Wordsmith Agora Blog

Contribute Your Genius

The premise of this blog is very simple:

“Educators wander here to inspire budding wordsmiths through a sharing of projects, lessons, and suggestions. It is our public place to assemble our ideas and will grow as we choose our path.  We are a group of educators and writers who love words and love teaching kids to become wordsmiths. We join together to share this blog of collaborative projects and writing lessons. Together, we guide students to become wordsmiths, skilled users of words.”

This blog is a place to explore the practice of writing and teaching writing, with those of us striving to become “masters” sharing with those who would apprentice with us. Educators, librarians, writers, students and parents are all welcome to be part of the discussion. Guest contributers will share the wonders, struggles, and strategies of their craft (see below), and Wordsmith Bloggers will post to the site on a somewhat regular basis as author. If you would like to join as a collaborative blogger about writing (and reading), please contact me.

You may share any of your thinking about and experiences with writing, lesson plans you’ve loved or how you got started in writing, strategies for creating suspense, imagery, voice, clarity, or for breaking a block–anything at all about the art, craft, and struggles of writing. No minimum or maximum word count.

The Guest Post
When you send your post to me…

You can send it directly in an email or attach a .txt file to
If you wish, send along any Creative Commons licensed photo or clip art with source cited or a link to a photo you would like to use. (I will add photos myself if you trust me.)

Bio & Photo  (Only If this is your first time on the Wordsmith Agora Blog)
Write 100 words or less about you, writing in third person. Include URLs of your own websites, Twitter handle, and a square photo. Here is the bio page:

Subscribe & Share
Finally, please consider subscribing to the blog, so you can see when new Wordsmith Agora posts arrive! If you know of others who you think would be good contributors, please tell us about each other.

Thank you!
A sincere thank you for contributing to this blog. I love teaching writing, and I wanted to share that love with the world and also learn more about strategies and tips to help kids develop into writers too. Your contribution helps us all learn and appreciate the art and craft of writing.

Sheri Edwards

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